Three Considerations For Buying And Installing A Custom Shotgun Magazine Tube

When you're shopping for a shotgun, you should always have a clear idea of how you intend to use it. This way, you can also give some thought to what customizations you might wish to make. Generally, the retailer at which you buy your firearm will also stock a wide range of accessories that you can buy at the same time, thus allowing you to ensure that your shotgun meets your standards. Read More 

Three Reasons To Walk Slowly When You’re Hunting Deer

If you're a new deer hunter, it's easy to be exuberant when you're out hunting your prey that you walk quickly or even run. While you might need to hustle if you graze a deer and it dashes away, you should generally take a slower approach. The most obvious reason to walk slowly is that you'll be quieter, which will allow you to get closer to your prey without scaring it away. Read More 

3 Reasons To Utilize A Rifle Accurizing Service

Getting your rifle accurizing is a good option because it can make your rifle far more accurate and possibly more valuable. Here are three reasons to utilize a rifle accurizing service.  It Can Greatly Improve The Accuracy Of The Rifle The main reason to utilize a rifle accurizing service is that the gunsmith will take all of the steps necessary to greatly improve the accuracy of the rifle, even testing the rifle at a range before returning it to you to ensure that the work produced a more accurate rifle. Read More 

The Go-To Buying Guide For Revolvers

When it comes to firearms, the revolver is one of the most sought after weapons. Featuring a compact design, revolvers are easy to carry and fairly simple to use. If you're in the market for such a powerful weapon, look through this buying guide.  Function/Purpose  You can easily narrow down the design choices for a revolver by thinking about how the gun will be used. For example, is it for personal protection or for leisurely fun at a shooting range? Read More 

4 Checks To Make Sure Your Bike Is Set Up Right For You

Riding your bike should be a workout. However, your entire body should not ache every time you get off your bike. If you are achy all over after you get off your bike, then your bike does not fit you right. You need a bike that fits your body or you need to make adjustments to your existing bike so that it fits your body better. If your bike is just off by a little bit, you'll be uncomfortable when you ride. Read More