How To Have A Great Trip With A Portable Concentrator

When you have been prescribed oxygen therapy, you do not have to be confined to your home. You can purchase a portable oxygen concentrator that you can bring with you everywhere. Consider Where You're Traveling Be careful where you travel to. Areas that have a high amount of humidity or that are at a high altitude can make it difficult to breathe. Bring up with your physician where you intend to travel because he or she may have advice on how to make the trip safer and whether you should travel to that destination in the first place. Read More 

Booked A Hunting Trip In Alaska? Here’s What You Need To Know About Acute Mountain Sickness

If you are an avid hunter and have a hunting trip planned in Alaska, there is one crucial thing you need to understand—acute mountain sickness. A bout of acute mountain sickness can put a huge damper on your hunting trophy quest. More importantly, acute mountain sickness can make carrying and shooting a rifle extremely dangerous to yourself and everyone within target distance. Here's what you need to know about acute mountain sickness and how you can avoid it during your hunting trip in Alaska. Read More 

3 Enjoyable Things You Can Do At Nature Parks

If you are looking to have some outdoor fun because you feel like you are spending a bit too much time indoors, you should plan to visit several of the nature parks in your area. These parks offer such great scenery to look at, but there are quite a few other things you can do while you are visiting one of these parks. 1. Have a Picnic With Your Loved Ones  Read More 

Pros And Cons Of Open-Barn Horse Stalls

While horse stalls are often in an enclosed barn, this isn't always the case. Some horse owners favor building stalls that have a roof and half walls, but are otherwise in a structure that is more open than a traditional barn. If you're rebuilding your horse barn and are thinking of how you want it to be, you might be evaluating the idea of an open-style barn. Here are some pros and cons of this structure for you to evaluate. Read More 

How Fit, Er, Fat, Are You? Examining The Current Definition Of Fat And How It Applies To You

Personal fitness, er, fatness, is no longer measured in the amount of muscle you have, or the amount of fat encircling your middle. Why? The answers may surprise you. You may even have to examine how the new definition of fat applies you personally. Body Fat Fat is fat, right? Actually, it is not. There is visceral fat, and there is subcutaneous fat. These two kinds of fat in and on the body are the worst fat deposits you can have. Read More