3 Important Things To Bring On Your First Blackbuck Antelope Hunt

You have your hunt mapped out, your gear lines up, and you are anxiously awaiting your very first blackbuck antelope hunting excursion. You can find all kinds of information about what kind of camo to wear, whether you need cover scent, and where the animals hang out. However, there are some things you will want with you for this hunting experience that may not always be mentioned. Take a look at three important things you will definitely want to have with you when you go on your very first blackbuck antelope hunt

Bring a camera, or at least a phone, to nab a picture. 

The blackbuck antelope is a beautiful animal, and it is not an easy one to successfully hunt and take down. These creatures are one of the fastest land animals, they are agile, and they can be highly elusive out in the field. When or if you do manage to take down one of these creatures, you are going to want to get a picture of you with the prized game. Therefore, make sure you have a small camera or a phone with a good camera in it to snap a picture with just in case. 

Wear waterproof hiking boots. 

Your regular hikers or your warmer-weather boots that do not have any waterproof capabilities probably will not do for a blackbuck antelope hunt. It is not uncommon for these animals to hide out in the most remote places, which means they may bed down beyond a creek, in tall grasses, or anywhere they can get that is as far away from suspected danger as possible. If a shot antelope is trying to get to safety and you have to track it, there is no telling where you could end up. As you are suiting up for your hunt, slip into some waterproof boots. 

Plan to have something to eat while on the hunt. 

Hunting blackbuck antelope is a lot different than going after a typical whitetail deer or other land animals. This could be a hunt that has you out from the early morning hours until late in the evening. You are going to want something to sustain your energy while you are out, so bring along some high-protein snacks to quietly munch on when you can. Steer clear of anything excessively crunchy or overly aromatic; these antelope are highly sensitive to both odd noises and odors.