Cook Wild Turkey In These Ways

If you've recently started to hunt, it's useful to have some ideas about how you wish to cook the wild game that you harvest. For someone who hunts for wild turkey, there are lots of different options that you can try for your family or even for a gathering of guests in your home. Just one turkey can feed a lot of people or provide plenty of leftovers for a small family, making this type of game a good option for turkey lovers. There are many different ways to cook wild turkey, and you may wish to invest in one or more additional cooking devices to pursue the recipes that appeal to you. Here are some options.


A popular way to cook a wild turkey is low and slow on a smoker. There are many different ways to approach smoking a turkey, but a lot of people brine the bird in a combination of water and seasonings to add more moisture and flavor. You can then coat the exterior of the turkey in a spice rub that features pepper, salt, garlic, and paprika, and then place it on the smoker. The smoking process takes several hours and is complete when the interior of the bird reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


If you're interested in buying a turkey fryer, which is essentially a large pot that has a heating element positioned beneath it, you'll have a fun and tasty way to prepare the wild turkeys that you harvest. Frying a turkey outdoors is a popular option for fall gatherings and can add a twist to your traditional Thanksgiving meal. People who fry their turkeys generally begin by soaking the bird in a brine that is similar to the brine you'd use for smoking. The frying process is simple. You get the oil up to temperature and then immerse the turkey until its internal temperature reaches the guideline of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Fried turkey has an appealing crispy external texture with moist meat.


If you're comfortable butchering the turkey you've harvested, you can separate the meat from the bone, grind the meat in a meat grinder, and press it into patties that you can grill on your barbecue until the meat reaches the internal temperature guideline. Some people enjoy adding herbs and/or spices to the ground turkey mixture, including pepper, sage, and rosemary. Ground turkey burgers offer a lean alternative to traditional beef burgers, which can be appealing to anyone who is watching their calorie intake.

For more wild game recipe ideas, visit local websites.