FAQs About Visiting An Indoor Gun Range For The First Time

If you enjoy shooting in a controlled environment, visiting an indoor firearm range can be a lot of fun. These facilities often offer enhanced shooting experiences by providing different types of targets, easy-to-adjust range options, and more. If you have only ever practiced shooting outdoors, you may have a few questions when you visit an indoor gun range for the first time. Check out a few of the most prevalent questions new visitors tend to have and the answers to help you out. 

Do you bring your own firearms to the shooting range?

The answer to this question can depend on the specific range you are visiting. Some indoor firearm training centers, for example, actually provide the firearms that will be used during the training sessions. Therefore, you may not have to bring your own gun if this is your reason for the visit. However, most places will expect you are bringing your own firearms to shoot during your visit. 

Will protective gear be provided during your visit?

It is always a good idea to bring your own protective gear to the indoor gun range with you. For example, you may need safety glasses and ear protection. The noise can be worse in an indoor range because the space is contained and vibrations from the sound stay retained within the building. Therefore, you definitely need to wear ear protection. Some facilities provide their own equipment, but this may be an additional cost.  

How are you charged for your visit?

Different indoor firearm ranges charge in unique ways for your visit. If you are bringing your own firearms, you will likely pay a fee for entry to use the range for a predetermined amount of time. However, you may also pay a set cost to use so many targets during your visit. If you intend to use firearms provided by the gun range facility, you may see additional charges for use of the guns and for whatever ammo you use during your time slot. 

Do indoor gun ranges offer training for new shooters?

Some facilities do offer some level of training for people who are looking to get better at using a firearm. However, be sure you look for a range that advertises services as an indoor gun training center. These facilities usually employ additional staff members that are specifically at the location to offer training sessions as they are needed by visiting customers. 

Reach out to a local indoor gun range to learn more.