FAQs About Chartering a Boat

Summer is the perfect time of the year to enjoy activities on the water, such as going boating. Some people don't go boating as much as they would like to because they don't own a boat, but chartering one can resolve the problem. If you are on a strict budget and have not been able to save enough money to purchase a boat, chartering companies makes it possible to at least enjoy using one during your boating adventures until you can purchase your own. Depending on which company you choose to charter a boat from, you will be able to enjoy several helpful services while the boat is in your possession. If you are ready to find out if chartering a boat is right for you, learn more in the content below.

Are Chartered Boats Small?

There are usually a variety of boats to charter, but it will depend on which chartering company you choose. For instance, if you are going on a solo boating trip or intend to bring one or two people, chartering a small boat is likely possible if it is all that you need to accommodate everyone. Renting a luxurious yacht might also be possible, which is ideal for taking a group of people on a boating trip. However, a luxurious yacht can also be enjoyable for a solo boating trip. Basically, there will likely be a variety of boat sizes to choose between to satisfy your needs.

How Long Can a Customer Keep a Chartered Boat?

The length of time that a customer can charter a boat can vary because it depends on the rules set by each chartering company. For example, certain chartering companies might have restrictions on chartering a boat for only a few hours, such as only allowing it for certain types of boats. It isn't uncommon for boats like yachts to be chartered for longer periods of times, such as for a few days or weeks. If you want to charter a boat for a certain amount of time, it is important to ask a boat chartering company in advance for details about their specific rules.

Which Services Are Included With a Chartered Boat?

The services that are included with a chartered boat usually depend on what a customer pays for. If you don't have anyone available to drive the boat after it is in your possession, you might be able to hire the services of a captain via the chartering company. Cleaning staff might also be included, but it depends on the boat chartering package that you choose. Inflatable rafts, paddleboards, drinks, snacks, and numerous other things might be included with a chartered boat as well.

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