Three Bicycle-Based Sporting Events That Are Fun To Attend

If you're an avid cyclist, you might enjoy weekend outings on the streets and trails around your home. While cycling is certainly an entertaining pastime, it can also be something that is fun to watch. Depending on where you live, you may have access to a variety of bicycle-based sporting events — or, you may wish to take a trip with family or friends to watch a cycling event elsewhere in your state or even in a different state. Here are three sporting events that cycling enthusiasts will enjoy watching.

Bicycle Motocross

Bicycle motocross races take place on a dirt-covered track that is filled with banked curves and jumps. These races tend to be short in length but are filled with action. Cyclists fight for position while pedaling their bikes quickly around the course and getting lots of air as they fly off the jumps. In a typical bicycle motocross event, there will be a number of individual "heat" races, with winners moving on and continuing to compete in the championship race. This type of event often takes place outdoors, but you may occasionally find it at an indoor venue, such as an arena.

Mountain Biking

If you live in an area with mountains or hills, or if you wish to travel to such an area, you'll have the opportunity to attend a mountain biking race. Although different races have different setups, you'll often be able to stand near the course — which will give you a close-up view of the cyclists as they zoom past you. If you've ever gone casual mountain biking, you'll understand the challenge of maintaining control of your bicycle as you follow the course. This understanding will give you a deep appreciation of the competitors' ability to navigate the steep sections and sharp curves of the course, all while trying to stay ahead of their foes.

Track Cycling

Another cycling-based sporting event that may interest you is a race that takes place on a track. Special racing facilities with banked tracks, known as velodromes, allow cyclists to move at a very high rate of speed. Different numbers of cyclists can compete in these events and, like bicycle motocross events, winners of heat races often move on to compete in a championship event later in the day. You'll find both indoor and outdoor velodromes, which can allow you to experience this type of race in both the summer and winter. Look online to find a cycling sporting event that you wish to attend.

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