Features That Make A Center Console Boat Safe For Children

A center console boat can be a good choice for a family with young children. Most kids will be eager to take part in excursions on the water, whether they last just an hour or perhaps span the majority of an entire day. There are plenty of ways to entertain your kids when they're on your center console boat, but you'll want to always keep safety in mind. Lifejackets and safety rules will help in this regard, but it's important to buy a center console boat that has a number of features that are useful for safety. Here are some specific design details to watch for while you shop.

High Gunwales

When they're on board, children will be eager to stand at the edge of the book and look over into the water. Whether the boat is stationary or moving at speed, you want to be confident that your children are safe when they're in this position. Look for a boat that has high gunwales. The gunwale of a boat, which is the edge around the boat's perimeter, can be many different heights. A high gunwale is considerably more effective at keeping small children inside the boat that a low gunwale, making it a valuable feature for a family with kids.

Non-Skid Deck

The deck of your center console boat can get wet for a number of reasons — namely from water splashing into the boat and water off peoples' bodies when they're swimming. While adults know to be careful while walking on wet surfaces, children can often overlook this rule. This can especially be true when they're excited. Make a point of buying a boat that has a non-skid deck. Generally, the deck is a rubbery surface that may have textured elements to provide traction even when it's wet.

Railings And Handles

Adults can typically make their way around the deck of a boat without hanging onto anything, although doing so is always a good idea for safety. When you're taking your children out in the boat, you want to have a model that has plenty of railings and handles that they can grasp. It's easier and safer to get around the boat, especially when it's moving, while hanging onto railings and handles. Some models have more of these features than others, so be cognizant of this detail while you shop. Check out a boat dealer, like Boater's Landing, near you to learn more about how center console boats are safe for children.