Three Ways To Get The Most Out Of Savasana

When you visit a local yoga studio to attend a class, it will often conclude with a pose known as "savasana." This isn't a pose that will require much flexibility or experience — it simply consists of lying flat on your back and breathing for a few minutes. Some people fail to make the most out of savasana, perhaps using the time to think about what they need to get done as soon as they leave the yoga studio. It's in your best interest to relax deeply during this pose to help you integrate what you've practiced during the class. Here are some simple ways that you can maximize your savasana time.

Ensure That You're Warm Enough

The movement involved in the bulk of your yoga class can heat your body up, which means that it's common to begin to cool down once it's time for savasana. The last thing that you want is to get uncomfortably cool as you lie on your yoga mat. In this scenario, your body's temperature will distract you, which is contrary to the point of this class-ending pose. To ensure that you're warm enough, don't be afraid to slip on a pair of socks or throw a hoodie on before you get into position.

Ignore Those Around You

Throughout your yoga class, it can sometimes be helpful to take peeks at the fellow practitioners around you. Should you struggle with a certain pose, for example, watching how someone else is doing it can be informative. When it's time for savasana, however, it's ideal if you can block out the other participants in your class. This means closing your eyes, but also making a point of focusing on your breath so that you aren't aware of sounds around you. Some people will occasionally leave at the start of savasana — a decision that many yoga teachers don't generally recommend — so it's important that you don't allow them to disrupt you.

Consider The Lessons You've Learned

You can also use your savasana time to think about the lessons that were present in your yoga class. Taking yoga is about more than just performing physical poses. As you move, your teacher will often introduce points to consider. For example, when you're working on a pose that emphasizes balance, he or she might talk about the value of achieving balance in your life. Consider these lessons as you lie on your mat and make a point of trying to include them in the rest of your day.