How To Have A Great Trip With A Portable Concentrator

When you have been prescribed oxygen therapy, you do not have to be confined to your home. You can purchase a portable oxygen concentrator that you can bring with you everywhere.

Consider Where You're Traveling

Be careful where you travel to. Areas that have a high amount of humidity or that are at a high altitude can make it difficult to breathe. Bring up with your physician where you intend to travel because he or she may have advice on how to make the trip safer and whether you should travel to that destination in the first place. 

Don't Leave a Concentrator in Your Rental Car

Do not leave your portable oxygen concentrator in the car. Because the concentrator has electronic components, very high temperatures can make it struggle to operate properly, especially at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Keep the Battery Charged

Don't forget to bring your DC charging cord with you. Fortunately, most concentrators come with a charger that can connect to your car and will allow you to keep the concentrator charged up wherever you go. Make sure any hotel room you stay at has an available power outlet to charge your concentrator with. Also, charge your concentrator as soon as possible. This will not only keep your battery healthy, but will also ensure that your concentrator is always ready to operate.

When a lot of time will pass between each charging, use the pulse dose setting. The battery lasts much longer on the pulse dose setting than it does with the continuous setting.

Secure the Concentrator Properly

When transporting the concentrator from one location to another, make sure to hold it upright and securely. Keep the oxygen in an approved cart. Also, you should request to board the plane first so you're able to have your concentrator put in place and secured for the flight. 

Inform the Airline

If you will be flying to your destination, contact the airline and inform them about your concentrator. They may have policies in place that determine how they will transport your concentrator. Also, you may be required to provide a letter from your physician. The letter should state your general condition, why you need oxygen, the flow rate setting and how long you will need to use the oxygen. Also, have your physician copy your prescription. With each of these preparations, you'll have a lovely trip with your supplemental portable oxygen product.