Pros And Cons Of Open-Barn Horse Stalls

While horse stalls are often in an enclosed barn, this isn't always the case. Some horse owners favor building stalls that have a roof and half walls, but are otherwise in a structure that is more open than a traditional barn. If you're rebuilding your horse barn and are thinking of how you want it to be, you might be evaluating the idea of an open-style barn. Here are some pros and cons of this structure for you to evaluate.

Pro: It Can Smell Fresher

An open-style barn for your horse stalls allows the fresh air to circulate through it more easily, which can help the area smell fresher. In an enclosed barn, wet hay and horse droppings can make the area smell strongly, and require you to clean it more frequently. While an open-style barn doesn't mean that you can take a lackadaisical approach to cleaning, you may find that the smells in the barn aren't as bad. This can especially be nice if you have people boarding their horses with you, as they'll enjoy visiting the fresher-smelling environment.

Con: It's Not Ideal In Winter Climates

If you live in an area with severe winter weather, the open style won't necessarily work well. High winds can form snow drifts against the walls of the stalls, which can make them difficult to open without shoveling. Additionally, your horses may end up getting some snow on them, which won't give them an overly pleasant living environment.

Pro: You Can See The Horses More Easily

Depending on how you position the barn in relation to your house, you may be able to look out of your windows and see the horses in their horse shelter. This layout can be ideal for the horse enthusiast, as he or she may never get sick of seeing the horses even from a distance. Additionally, you'll be able to quickly see if something looks amiss.

Con: Security Is Lacking

Depending on where you live, you might feel as though an open-style barn doesn't provide you with the security that you desire. Horse theft can be an issue in certain areas, and an open-style barn makes it easier for a thief to gain access to a stall in an effort to steal a horse. When you have a closed barn, there are more layers of defense between the thief and the horses — and you can even put a security system on the barn's exterior doors.