Three Considerations For Buying And Installing A Custom Shotgun Magazine Tube

When you're shopping for a shotgun, you should always have a clear idea of how you intend to use it. This way, you can also give some thought to what customizations you might wish to make. Generally, the retailer at which you buy your firearm will also stock a wide range of accessories that you can buy at the same time, thus allowing you to ensure that your shotgun meets your standards. An aftermarket magazine tube is something worth considering. A pump-action shotgun already has a magazine tube, but you can buy a variety of different tubes, each of which will suit the firearm in different ways. Here are some considerations.

Shorter Tube

Some shotgun owners decide to buy a shorter magazine tube and swap it for the longer one that came standard on their shotgun. A shorter tube won't allow you to carry as many shells, but its chief value is its compact nature. If you're buying and equipping a shotgun for home defense, for example, a shorter tube will make the firearm slightly lighter and significantly more maneuverable. Keep in mind that you don't want to run out of shells during a violent encounter in your home, so you might wish to buy and install a side saddle shell holder.

Longer Tube

Conversely, you can also buy a longer magazine tube for your new shotgun. Some gun owners buy and install a longer barrel at the same time, as you can't have a magazine tube that is longer than the barrel. A longer tube isn't ideal for home defense, but it's perfect for hunting and even target practice. Because you'll be able to carry more shells in the tube, you won't have to reload as frequently, which can be handy whether you're pursuing prey in the wilderness or you're at the range.

Tube With A Rail

Understanding how you intend to use your shotgun will help you to buy the right magazine tube. Many magazine tubes are equipped with a tactical rail on one side, which is handy if you wish to turn your new shotgun into more of a tactical weapon. For home defense purposes, for example, the rail is useful because you can mount a flashlight to it. Given that nighttime threats can especially be precarious, having a flashlight mounted to the side of the magazine tube will give you the visibility that you need to protect yourself.

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