4 Checks To Make Sure Your Bike Is Set Up Right For You

Riding your bike should be a workout. However, your entire body should not ache every time you get off your bike. If you are achy all over after you get off your bike, then your bike does not fit you right. You need a bike that fits your body or you need to make adjustments to your existing bike so that it fits your body better. If your bike is just off by a little bit, you'll be uncomfortable when you ride. Here are a few tricks that will allow you to test and see if your bike is set up right, or if it needs a few adjustments.

#1 Check Your Saddle Position

The position of your saddle matters. It should be lined up so that your saddle is level with the ground. You may find a slight forward tilt comfortable, although flat is generally the way to go. If your saddle is tilted too far forward, your body will slide forward when you ride. This will cause you to put too much pressure on your hands and thus your back and shoulders. If your saddle is tilted too far backwards, you will slide back when you are riding your bike. This can also be uncomfortable on your private parts. Avoid pain by keeping your saddle even with the ground.

#2 Check Your Saddle Height

You also need to keep an eye on the height of your saddle. You can check your saddle height by leaning your bike against a wall and putting your foot on the pedals of your back. Sitting on your bike, practice pedaling and pay attention to the position of your leg. When your leg is in the 6 o'clock position, your leg should be almost straight and your hips should not move. If your hips move and rock, then your saddle is set too high and you need to lower it a bit. Your saddle should be at a height that allows you to peddle without rocking your hips too much.

#3 Check Your Saddle Size

Keep in mind that you can change out the saddle on your bike. Remember that a big and squishy seat doesn't necessarily mean that it will be comfortable. You need to find a saddle that feels comfortable to you. Everyone's body is slightly different, so what feels comfortable to one person may not feel comfortable to another person. For cruisers, where your body is positioned more upright, a wider seat can be more comfortable. For racing bikes, a slimmer fit may be more comfortable.

#4 Check The Handle Bar

Finally, check the handle bar and make sure that it is set up right so that you can reach the handlebars comfortably. When sitting on your bike, you should not be able to see the hub on your bike. If you can see the hub over your handlebars, you need to raise the stem of your handlebars. If you can see the hub behind the handlebars, you need a shorter stem. You should be able to adjust the height of your handle bars up and down. 

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