What’s New Under The Water—Trends In Charter Fishing

Whether they're using a worm and bobber in a small pond, casting flies in a blue ribbon stream, or trolling rigs in the ocean, catching fish has always fascinated, entertained, and frustrated people. The frustration usually comes from not being able to get to the fish, not being able to find the fish, or not knowing what the fish want to eat. Chartered fishing addresses all three of these. Professional charter boat crews are trained to take the guesswork out of fishing by knowing the best locations, baits, and techniques. This leaves the client with nothing to worry about except how much fun to have and what to do with all the fish they are catching. 

Just like everything else, the charter fishing industry continues to evolve to make the experience even more special and memorable for the guests. Recent developments are trending within the industry. 

  • Fishing tournaments - With competitive fishing becoming more and more popular on TV, charter boat tournaments are also becoming popular for corporate events, family reunions, and large groups of friends. Tournaments consist of a group chartering several boats with teams on each boat competing with others for prizes. Contests for most fish, biggest fish, etc. add another layer of fun. 
  • Multi-Day Charters - Traditional fishing charters have usually been for a number of hours on one day. Whether to just spend more time fishing or to allow for different types of fishing on the same trip, many vacationers are planning entire vacations that include multiple days on boats. Another increasingly popular option for increasing fishing time is the overnight charter that leaves late at night so as to be at the fishing area and ready to begin fishing by early morning.  
  • Video - With the introduction and improvement of portable cameras such as the GoPro, fishermen are able to capture video memories of their charter trips. New accessories such as clips which allow cameras to be mounted on a fisherman's head, chest, or even rod tip allow for video capture without interfering with the fishing. Waterproof cameras can even be placed underwater to allow video of the fish as they are being retrieved. 

For fishermen looking to have a fun and successful fishing trip as part of their vacation, chartering a fishing boat is the best way to eliminate the headaches and frustration often associated with the sport, and these new ideas are only making it better. For more information, talk to companies like Rod Benders Charters.