Get Custom Cycling Jerseys Made Up For Your Cycling Club

Road trips, camaraderie, and friendly competition are some of the reasons that you may have formed a cycling club that now has several active members and meets for bike rides regularly. It's nice if you can come up with a way to make your club stand out, and one way is by making some custom apparel. While you could get T-shirts made up for the club, a better idea is to invest in custom cycling jerseys that your members can actually wear on their trips. If the idea of your group rolling down the road with sharp-looking custom jerseys appeals to you, here are some ideas to explore:

Removable Sleeves

It's possible that your cycling club rides in various types of weather, which means that you want your custom cycling jerseys to provide a high degree of versatility. Instead of ordering short-sleeved jerseys and long-sleeved jerseys, look for a jersey with removable sleeves. This is an ideal garment for your club members to wear when they start out on a ride in the chilly morning air, but they can soon remove the sleeves when the sun gets brighter and they begin to warm up. Members can easily jam the sleeves in a pocket on the bike, making it possible to make this wardrobe change without stopping.

Club Identification

Instead of just ordering a bunch of cycling jerseys that look the same, think about getting them printed with your club's name, logo, and other information that can help to make the garment one of a kind. Consult your club members on their preferred color schemes; ideally, the color will be compatible with your logo if you have one. If not, this is the perfect time to hire a graphic designer to come up with a logo that represents your club. You might even wish to add a list of the annual big trips that you've taken as a club down one of the sleeves or on the back of the jersey design.

Safety Focus

Cycling jerseys need to be visible, and while it's easy to get caught up with your custom design, you should always ensure that the jerseys are bright and contain several reflective elements. Custom jersey companies can work with you to add these elements in select areas of the jersey so that your members are highly visible to motorists. This is especially valuable if you take long trips that occasionally see you riding at dawn or at dusk.

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