Restocking Your Boat Mid-Season? Supplies And Tips That Can Help

There is always a learning curve when you get a new, expensive "toy." In this case, buying and owning a boat for the first time means you will have a lot more to learn besides steering and avoiding dams. It also means that you need mid-season marine supplies, and some helpful tips to go along with those supplies.

Restocking the Cooler

If you have a cooler on board, you already know that you need to constantly put ice in it to keep drinks cold. If you do not take your boat out all that often, you also need to bail out the cooler, wash it out, and then put ice and fresh beverages in it. Toss any drinks that have been floating in hot, melted ice water for a while, as these beverages have been exposed to the hot summer temperatures.

Checking Life Vests for Defects

All life vests on board your boat should be checked regularly for defects. If there are any holes, tears, or broken buckles, these are now garbage. Replace these vests immediately, especially if you only have enough on board for the number of members in your immediate family. The damaged vests will not protect the wearers as the holes will fill the vests with water, tears will tear away under water pressure, and the broken buckles will not prevent the vests from slipping off.

Checking Ropes 

Rope on a boat is essential for securing the craft to the dock. It also comes in handy for various emergency situations. The problem is that, most rope can rot when exposed to hot sun and lots of water. This is why you should always check the ropes on your boat and replace the rope when it appears frayed or ready to split.

Getting Marine Supplies

Most of the marine supplies you will need to outfit your boat mid-season can be purchased at either a fishing goods store or an outdoor sporting goods store. There are some really good sales on these supplies toward the end of July as well, when most boaters are looking to start packing things up rather than look for ways to extend the season. It is also a good time to purchase a boat cover/tarp to shield your boat from bad weather, and protect it when you finally pull it out of the water and take it to storage or dry dock for the fall and winter seasons.